You’re branding is more than a logo; it is the complete identity of your business from the perspective of your customers. From the colors and images to the language you use when you communicate with your customers. I will work with you to construct a creative brand identity that will allow you to develop brand awareness, engagement, and recognition. 

During my branding process we do deep dive discovery sessions on who your customers are, your competitors, and what makes your brand unique so we can develop a brand identity strategy that works for your unique situation.

Brand Consulting

Creating or updating a brand can be an overwhelming process. I am here to not only provide your with new creative solutions for creating or updating your brand image but to provide you with viable solutions that are affordable, manageable, and achieve the goal of guiding your company image in the eye or your customers and prospects.

Often times it is easy to get lost in beautiful aesthetics of creative concepts without thinking through all of the intricate placements of your branding. It’s not uncommon for most people within a company to not know everywhere their branding is being used. This makes it far too easy for growing companies to lose track of which version of their logo is being used where (old documents, recurring sponsorships with the wrong logo, old versions of powerpoint templates, variations of your letterhead, sell sheets, ect.).

This is why I work with you to develop branding guidelines and custom templates as needed to make sure not just your new marketing materials but all of your day to day documents are a presented as one unified brand. This not only helps to solidify your brand image but it helps your employees transition their department’s material on their own without having to go through a designer for every document your employees produce to ensure branding.

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